What is Flexible PCBs

What is Flexible PCBs

What is Flexible PCBs

Flexible PCB is for flexible Printed circuit board, short name is FPCB. There are some other names, like as flex PCB, flex circuits, flex print, flexi-circuits. They consist of a thin polymide having conductive circuits patterns, and coverlay solder mask, with or without 3M tape, or stiffeners. The technology has been used for interconnecting electronic devices since the 1950s. It has been one of the most important interconnection technologies for most high end technologies electronic products.

Flexible PCBs Category:

Flexible PCBs are classified on the basis of layers as well as configurations.

Flexible PCBs classification on the basis of layers

Single Sided or 1 layer Flexible PCBs: There is only one conductive copper layer for flexible circuits boards, no plating through holes, so we called it single sided flex PCBs.

Single Sided Flexible Printed Circuits Boards with Dual Access: These flex circuits boards are single sided, but the copper or conductive PAD is accessible from both sides.

Double layer Flexible Printed Circuits: There are two conductive layers on each side. The electrical connections is by plating through holes, so we called 2 layer or double layer Flex PCBs.

Multilayer Flexible PCBs:  There are 3 or more conductive copper layers, these layers are interconnected by plated through holes, so we called multilayer flex PCBs. Up to 12 layer flex PCB are available for High Quality PCB.

Flexible PCBs categorized by their configuration

Rigid Flexible PCBs:  The PCBs are consist of flex PCB part and rigid PCB part. Generally FR4 for rigid PCB area, polymide for flexible area. It combines the advantages of rigid PCBs and flexible PCBs, they are flexible for bending, and rigid for soldering or connector plugging.

HDI Flexible PCBs: HDI is a short mame for high density interconnect. These Flex PCBs are excellent for higher performance than regular flexible Printed Cirucits Boards. HDI flex PCBs are designed with micro vias and better layout, construction, HDI flexible PCBs use thin very polymide FCCL, to reduce their package sizes as well as to improve their electrical performance.


Standard Flexible PCBs: Just use standard polymide FCCL for flexible PCBs, with or without stiffeners, 3M tape.


Flexible PCBs Application

Flexible PCBs are widely used for high accuracy and regular electronics products. Like as cellphone mainboards, hard disk motherboards, cameras, medical devices, printers, battery packs, and so on.

High Quality PCB Flex PCB capabilities

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Layer account

1 to 12 layer

Copper thickness

¼ to 4 OZ

Dielectric thickness

0.5 to 5mil

Min hole

0.10 mm

Min trace/gap

2/2 mil

Drill to conductive

Min 8 mil

Stiffeners types

FR4, Polymide, Steel

Stiffeners thickness

0.10 to 5.0mm

Max board size


Surface finished


Flexible PCBs and rigid flex PCBs assembly are our advantages too, our main customers are Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and so on.